Shove It

Shove It (Taylor)

Release Date:
25 January 1988 (UK) 13 April 1988 (USA)
Produced By:
Roger Taylor and David Richards
Engineered by: David Richards and John Brough
Recorded At:
Mountain, Townhouse, Air, Maison Rouge andMediterraneo
When: August - December 1987
Additional vocals: Freddie Mercury sang lead vocals on 'Heaven For Everyone' Brian May played guitar on 'Love Lies Bleeding'
Cover Concept:
Roger Taylor
Highest Chart Position:
58 (UK)
Weeks on chart: 2 (UK)

The CD version in the UK has one extra track: The Second Shelf Mix. The CD version in the USA has extra track: Feel The Force.

Cowboys & Indians (Taylor)
Contact (Taylor)
Heaven For Everyone (Taylor)
Stand Up For Love (Taylor)
Love On A Tightrope (Like An Animal) (Taylor)
Love Lies Bleeding (She Was A Wicked Wily Waitress) (Taylor)
Rough Justice (Taylor)

Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know

Release Date:
26 March 1990 (UK) Not released in the USA
Produced By:
The Cross and Justin Shirley-Smith
Engineered by: Justin Shirley-Smith
Recorded At:
When: September - December 1989
Cover Concept:
The Cross, Stephen Bliss and Ricahrd Gray

The CD version has one extra track: Foxy Lady.

Top Of The World Ma (The Cross)
Liar (Noone)
Closer To You (Edney)
Breakdown (Noone)
Penetration Guru (Moss)
Power To Love (Macrae/Noone/Moss)
Sister Blue (Noone)
Better Things (Moss)
Passion For Trash (Macrae)
Old Men (Lay Down) (Taylor)
Final Destination (Taylor)

Blue Rock

Release Date:
9 September 1991 (Germany) Not released in the UK & USA
Produced By:
Mark Walls
Engineered by: Mark Walls assisted by Chris Lawson and Simon van Zwanenberg
Recorded at: Real World Studios
When: February - August 1991
Guest Musicians: Geoffrey Richardson played violin/viola and Helen Leibman played cello on 'Baby It's Alright' and 'Life Changes' Andy and Claire Yates sang backing vocals on 'Baby It's Alright' and 'The Also Rans'
Cover concept: The Cross and Richard Gray

Bad Attitude (The Cross)
New Dark Ages (Taylor)
Dirty Mind (Edney)
Baby It's Alright (Edney)
Ain't Put Nothing (Moss)
The Also Rans (Taylor)
Millionaire (Moss/Edney/Noone/Macrae)
Put It All Down To Love (Edney)
Hand Fools (Noone/Edney)
Life Changes (Moss/Edney/Noone/Macrae)