980 kB Bijou is one of the most famous programs devoted to Queen. It's a data base with a lot of information about Queen, Smile and solo records, song lirycs and biographies. It was written by Dave Forsey, whose page is

Queen Clock 200 kB Queen Clock, witten by David 'Sully' Sullivan, is a tiny program, which shows current time. There are two different layouts, both are Queen-related. These are: Bohemian Rhapsody and Let Me Live. David has two pages: (some programs written by him) and (a page devoted to Queen).

Hangman 39 kB Hangman is a quite simple DOS game. You have to guess a title of Queen song. Every time you choose a wrong letter you loose a part of your "virtual" body. Hangman was written by LL-Software,

Captain Memo 140 kB Captain Memo is a memory-type game. You have to find all identical pairs of pictures. Author: Marcin Nosarzewski, homepage -

Captain Memo 64 kB Captain Memo for DOS. Author: Marcin Nosarzewski, homepage -

Mgs files 647 kB Mgs files set for Captain Memo for DOS. Author: Marcin Nosarzewski, homepage -

MGP Creator 137 kB Use MGP Creator to create new MGP files. All you need is this program, some BMP files and few minutes. That's all! You can choose set size (4x4, 6x6 or 8x8) and number of colors (4, 8 or 24 bit). Author: Marcin Nosarzewski, homepage -

Magic Signature 97 kB Magic Signature is a program which will change signature file for your e-mails and will add to it any text you want: quotes from your favourite musician, writer, actor or (of course if your wish) politician. Signature file consist of two parts: template and some changeable text (both parts are optional). You can change coordinates and alignment of this text. Signature file can be created when program starts or after specified minutes. Included file sample.sgn contains about 30 quotes from Freddie, Brian, John and Roger. Now all e-mails you send can be signed with an interesting or funny Queen quote! This is version 1.01 with "minimize to tray" feature. Author: Marcin Nosarzewski, homepage -

Winamp Skins

Queen II 36 kB  

Another World 100 kB  

Freddie Mercury 193 kB  

Freddie Mercury 2 49 kB  

Made In Heaven 218 kB  

A Night At The Opera 105 kB  

Queen Amp 100 kB  

Queen Amp 2 205 kB  

Queen Amp 3 26 kB  

Queen Amp 4 145 kB  

Queen Amp 5 55 kB  

Magic Amp 133 kB  

Magic Amp 2 52 kB  

Screen Savers

Brian May 262 kB

A Kind Of Magic 434 kB

A Winter’s Tale 609 kB

Desktop Themes

382 kB It's my work:-)))

Highlander 411 kB  

Highlander 2 733 kB  

Queen 572 kB  

Queen 2 1423 kB  

Queen 3 2340 kB  


Desktop Backround
183 kB Author: Michal Procházka

Windows Icons
166 kB
About 100 icons