De Lane Lea
1971 demo tape. These five songs (which surfaced on a bootleg called In The Beginning) are superb early recordings and show the raw power of early Queen. The quality of the CD bootleg is apparently poor when compared to the original master tape.

An old Wreckage song which Queen used to perform live on stage in the early days. It is reported that a studio version doesn't exist.

Silver Salmon
Probably one of Tim's songs. It's reported that Silver Salmon exists.

Jailhouse Rock, Bama Lama Bama Loo
In the early days, Queen (and Wreckage before them) were very fond of the rock'n'roll medley and these two songs were often included in live performances. It is reported that a studio version of the rock'n'roll medley exists, one of the first things Queen ever recorded.

Polar Bear
A Queen versions of this Smile song. It is reported that Queen version of Polar Bear exists and is complete.

BBC Session No. 2 - 25.7.1973 - Langham I Studio, London, UK
See What A Fool I've Been, Liar, Son And Daughter, Keep Yourself Alive

BBC Session No. 4 - 3.4.1974 - Langham I Studio, London, UK
Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll, The March Of The Black Queen, Nevermore, White Queen (featuring piano). The March Of The Black Queen and Nevermore don't come down.

BBC Session No. 5 - 16.10.1974 - Maida Vale 4 Studio, London, UK (for Bob Harris)
Now I'm Here, Stone Cold Crazy, Flick Of The Wrist, Tenement Funster

BBC Session No. 6 - 28.10.1977 - Maida Vale 4 Studio, London, UK (for Alan Freeman)
Spread Your Wings, It's Late (featuring sounds alike as Get Down Make Love), My Melancholy Blues (version featuring guitar), We Will Rock You (slow version), Reading from Siddartha by Herman Hesse, We Will Rock You (fast version)

Play The Game
Featuring Andy Gibb on vocals during the first verse.

Cool Cat
Featuring David Bowie on backing vocals. This song, which has appeared on bootleg, was presumably recorded as a b-side for Under Pressure but was not used for whatever reason. The bootleg version seems to be a nearly finished version rather than a rough demo.

There Must Be More To Life Than This
Originally intended to be the last track on The Works, this was replaced late in the day when Freddie and Brian wrote Is This The World We Created after seeing some news pictures on the TV. Is possible that Works acetates could exist featuring this track though I've never heard of one being found. It is also possible that Freddie simply reused the Queen version of this song on Mr Bad Guy rather than rerecording it. There was also a phase in the life of this song where Freddie and Michael Jackson were both doing something with it. What they were doing is, of course, anyone's guess.

Is This The World We Created
With piano and guitar. The song as originally recorded featured Freddie on piano as well as Brian on acoustic guitar. However the piano track was lost and it was released with just the guitar.

New York, New York
Just a part of the song was recorded for the Highlander movie.
It is reported that a full version doesn't exist.

Dog With A Bone
This song was recorded as a band message at the third Fan Club Convention in 1988. The recording is obviously not up to a commercial release, but it is such a fun song that it is a shame it will not be heard properly. A poor quality bootleg exists.

Too Much Love Will Kill You
1989 version. This song was originally recorded for The Miracle album but was omitted due to problems with the Musker/Lamers co-credit (Freddie is reported to have said "It's good, but it's no that good"). A short clip of the song exists on bootleg which Brian claims comes from an advance DJ copy, though this seems unlikely seeing as it is such a short fragment; it is much more likely to have been stolen at the same time as the demo clips for Invisible Man etc. The version of the song that appears on the Made In Heaven album sounds as though it is completely different to the 1989 version, presumably resulting from a different take of the 1989 vocals with instruments added in 1994/5.

Unreleased song from Innuendo era. Apparently, very similar in sound and style to the Innuendo track. Could have been original name for Hitman.

Let Me Live
Original version. A very few early American promotional cassette copies of Made In Heaven included a version of Let Me Live with...
Take another little piece of my heart now, baby
Take another little piece of my soul now, baby
Take another little piece of my life now, baby
in the chorous. These were removed becaus Janis Joplin's estate considered the song similar to one of theirs (what about the Aretha Franklin song which uses the same words!) and demanded royalties. Queen instead changed Let Me Live so it could not be considered similar and so this version of the song is unlikely ever to be released (though it is certain to appear on bootlegs sooner rather than later).
Brian has reported the existence of a tape, dating from 1976, of Queen and Rod Stewart singing a version of the song. This is likely to be just jamming, rather than a serious song in releasable quality.

Brian May

Slot Mechine
In 1987/88, Brian did some work with Steve Hackett (there is an interview where he describes how Hackett went away and left Brian in his studio). Two songs (Cassandra and Don't Fall Away From Me) were released on Hackett albums, but this song (and maybe others) has never appeared.

Incidental music from Macbeth. In 1990, Brian wrote music for a production of Macbeth at Hammersmith's Riverside Studios. The music was never released and is quite arty so would not make a commercial record. It was very good, though, and deserves to be heard again.

Rise Of The Robots
Original music recorded for the Rise Of The Robots computer game was not used in the released version of the game because EMI wanted to delay the release of the game and the game people decided to proceed without the music rather than delay. The music may have been used in the Rise Of Robots 2 game, of course.

Olympic Theme
1992 Olympic Games - TV incidental music

Rolling Stone
Recorded with Lonnie Donnegan

Let Your Heart Rule Your Head
Recorded with Lonnie Donnegan

Lady Of Leisure
Recorded with Gareth Marks

Fork In The Road
Recorded with Jonathan Kelly

Whistle Down The Wind
Recorded with Andrew Lloyd Webber/Jim Steinman

Freddie Mercury

Victory, State Of Shock, There Must Be More To Life Than This
Work with Michael Jackson from 1982 or so. Two of the tracks involved were Victory (later recorded by The Jacksons), State Of Shock (later recorded by Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger) and There Must Be More To Life Than This (later recorded and not released by Queen; but was recorded and released by Freddie). The master tapes of the work are owned by Jackson and are unlikely ever to be released, though it has been reported by The Jacksons Fan Club that State Of Shock will be included on a rarities release towards the end of 1997.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
In 1986, Freddie was reported to be working on an album of cover versions. Only one song was ever released - The Great Pretender. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes was one of the other songs he was reported to be working on, and maybe another was New York, New York. Whatever songs there are are reported to be just fragments.

Mid 70s album work with the band Trax. Seems to have been lost.

Roger Taylor

Keep On Running
Originally recorded for the Strange Frontier album but not used. (This is a cover of the Spencer Davis Group song).

Nazis 1994
Original album version. When three songs were played to people attending the 19944 Fan Club Convention, the version of Nazis was different to the various single mixes, and included "fuckin' Nazis". The album was seriously delayed and when it finally appeared "fuckin' Nazis" had gone. The banned version is on several bootlegs, but I have not heard them so I can't confirm or deny. There is also a version of the video that contains "fuckin' Nazis".

Olympic Theme
1992 Olympic Games - TV incidental music

Bullet Proof Heart
Bullet Proof Heart album by band Sidewalk Look 3 tracks produced by Roger, including planned single Bullet Proof Heart. Whole album wasn't released.

John Deacon

This Is Your Time
Work with Errol Brown, including song
This Is Your Time