summer - autumn 1968

Brian May - guitar/ vocal
Tim Staffell - bass guitar/ lead vocal
Roger Taylor - drums/ vocal
Chris Smith - keyboard

February 1969: - Chris Smith
spring 1970: + Freddie Mercury - vocal/ piano;
+ Mike Grose - bass guitar



26.10.1968 UK, London, Imperial College
xx.xx.1968 UK, Truro, PJ's
xx.xx.1968 UK, Redruth, Flamingo Ballroom
xx.xx.1968 Uk, London, Imperial College
February 1969 Uk, Richmond, Athletic Club
27.02.1969 UK, London Royal Albert Hall
15.03.1969 UK, London, Imperial College
29.03.1969 UK, Truro, PJ's Club
19.04.1969 UK, London, Revolution Club
July1969 UK, Truro
Decmber 1969 UK, London, Marquee


Gettin' Smile

Release Date: 1982 (Japan)
When: 1969-1971

Doin' Alright (May/Staffell)
Blag (May)
April Lady (Lucas)
Polar Bear (May)
Earth (Staffell)

Ghost Of A Smile

Release Date: 1997 (Holland)

Earth (Staffel)
Step On Me (Staffel/May)
Doin' Alright (Staffel/May) Stereo
April Lady (Lucas)
Blag (Taylor)
Polar Bear (May)
The Man From Manhattan (Howell) (original)
The Man From Manhattan (Howell) (back again) Stereo


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